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It’s a HIT! Our absolute best if a delicious, natural snack with great chewability is what you’re after. It’s fair to say that ESSENTIAL SKIN DELIGHTS combine the savoury attraction of pig ears with the great chewability of ox ears.

  • 100% Grain Free

  • 100% Raw

  • Value for money

  • £4.99

    Sorry. I’m currently out of stock.

    The ingredients at a glance: 100% dried beef frontal lobes
    The perfect match for: The dog in need of a good teeth clean or with picky tendencies
    When: Cosy moments
    Why we love it: It’s high in protein, takes a lot of chewing and is low in fat
    BOF: Yes!
    Why you should choose it: Great value for a 100% pure treat made in the EU from ingredients produced in the EU

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    Each pack contains 5 pieces of ESSENTIAL SKIN DELIGHTS.
    ESSENTIAL SKIN DELIGHTS are the dried frontal lobes of oxen.

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    AgeJunior, Adult, Senior
    BreedBeagle, Bernese Mountain, Border Collie, Collie, English Springer Spaniel, French Bulldog, Golden Retriever , Labrador, Newfoundlander, Retrievers (Other), Rottweiler, Schaefer, Shorthaired Pointer, Wirehaired Pointer
    Weight5-15 kg , 31-50 kg , +50 Kg

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    "The most important thing for ESSENTIAL FOODS and our range of dog foods is to help improve and prolong the life of dogs."
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