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The JAGUAR- A very special cat food for adult cats of all breeds and sizes. Here is our idea of the ULTIMATE meal! A GRAIN-FREE meal, very similar to what your cat would have eaten in the wild. As always, we have emphasized the premium quality of all our ingredients. With our unique recipe containing 95% chicken, salmon, trout and eggs, we are sure that even the fussiest cat will share our enthusiasm for ESSENTIAL FOODS.

  • 100% Grain Free

  • BOF Approved

  • Regional cage free chicken

  • £33.00
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    Featured Ingredients

    The ingredients at a glance: 95+% duck, chicken, salmon, trout and egg.
    Perfect for cats, when you want to give them the tastiest meal imaginable. We can count on two hands the number of bags we’ve had returned to us under our 100% taste guarantee over the years.
    We love it ourselves because it contains at least 95% Gressingham duck, Ross & Cobb chicken, Scottish salmon, Salisbury rainbow trout and fresh egg. Yes, it’s almost too good to be true!
    The croquette is the same size whether you choose a 1,5 kg, 3 kg or a 12 kg bag.
    BOF: Yes indeed! JAGUAR is grain-free and keeps your cat’s blood sugar stable throughout the day.
    Choose it for its list of ingredients, which makes JAGUAR a serious contender for the ULTIMATE meal for cats award!

    Each gram is carefully selected

    Product Description


    Fresh & dried chicken, duck, salmin, trout & eggs95,0 %
    Veggies & supplements20,0 %
    Protein40,0 %
    Fat17,0 %
    - Of which Omega31,1 %
    - Of which Omega64,5 %
    Minerals9,0 %
    Fiber3,5 %
    Moisture7,0 %
    Calcium1,5 %
    Glucosamine0,09 %
    Chondroitine0,07 %
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    Product Guides (PDF)

    "The most important thing for ESSENTIAL FOODS and our range of cat foods is to help improve and prolong the life of cats."
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    The recipie

    Freshly Prepared Deboned Chicken & Duck, Dried Chicken & Duck, Freshly Prepared Salmon & Trout, Potato, Fresh Eggs, Sweet Potato, Peas, Freshly Prepared Chicken Livers, Chicken Fat, Chicken Gravy, Alfalfa, Pea Fibre, Salmon Oil, Freshly P, Minerals, Vitamins, Cranberries, Acai, Blueberries, Apple, tomatoes, oranges, pears, Carrot, Spinach, Cauliflower, Marigold, Seaweed, Ginseng, Green Tea, Ginger, Probiotic Supplements.

    Suggested daily amount for adult cats:

    kg <2,5kg 2,2-3,5kg 3,5-5kgkg 5-6,5kg 6,5-8kgkg 8-10kg
    24 h 30-40g 40-50g 50-55g 55-60g 65-70g 70-80g
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