Meet the ESSENTIALS team


Founder of ESSENTIAL FOODS and a person with a vision, a strong pride in customer service, quality and not at least how we treat all the living creatures of this Earth. Christian has worked with pet feeds for nearly 20 years including founding Oliver's Pet food, one of Scandinavia's most successful pet food company. His day normally starts at 6.30am walking the dog.


UK Country Manager, looking after our Breeders and major customers. Has worked with dogs and animal nutrition for more than 20 years and locally know as the Dog Woman probably because she's always seen with some of her dogs.


ESSENTIAL's Customer service Manager, fiercely passionate about creating the very best service experience for customers. Karin has more than 30 years as hands-on customer service manager and is always seen smiling one of her very contagious smiles. Karin has recently become dog 'grandparent'.

Not just dog food

We don't produce dog food; we produce meals. Meals packed with nutrition which keep a stable blood sugar level and which only contain ingredients that benefit and strengthen your best friend's health. Nutrition is essential for the dog's overall wellbeing.

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