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ESSENTIAL FOODS cares about your dog’s wellbeing. Over the years we have accumulated unique knowledge and experience of what a dog needs in its diet to live a healthy and enjoyable life. Our mission is a commitment to make a difference by helping dogs achieve a healthier and fuller life based on their eating habits.

This is why we do not make dog food. We make meals instead. Our meals are full of nutrition that stabilises blood sugar, and they contain only ingredients that benefit and fortify the health of your best friend. Nutrition is simply the key to your dog’s general wellbeing.


Our meals leave nothing to chance. Each gram of an ESSENTIALS meal is carefully selected and contains only ingredients that meet our highest quality standards.

You are what you eat” is a turn of phrase that is as important for dogs as it is for us humans. This is why we talk about meals, not dog food; simply because our meals are more than just food. They fortify your dog’s health and contribute to a longer and enjoyable life.


Our commitment to meals that are best for your dog’s wellbeing is based on a principle developed by us. We call it the BOF principle, and we believe that it should always apply to every meal for dogs.BOF stands for “Behavioural Optimising Foods”. Basically, it means that a meal should reflect the dog’s natural diet and eating habits, while helping to stabilise blood sugar.

We believe that the health of your dog will benefit from a long line of positive advantages by deriving a large part of its proteins from fresh and unprocessed meat.


ESSENTIALS is the best dog food for you who want to do the best for your dog. Finding the best dog food can be a difficult task. Buying the best dog food for your dog that really makes a difference can, however, be straightforward.
Click on us and find out our view of dog food. We are a bit bold in saying we don’t have competitors. We call them colleagues who sell dog food to customers who are looking for something other than we can give them.
We are dedicated to our mission to improve and extend the lives of dogs. That includes your dog, too. That may sound too good to be true from a company that sells dog food. On the other hand, there is a very special reason why nine out of ten choose ESSENTIALS on the recommendation of other dog owners. We both can and do improve the lives of dogs with our dog food. Visit us at Trustpilot If you purchase a bag of ESSENTIALS dry dog food online now, we promise not only to deliver it within maximum two weekdays. You should also prepare yourself to see a marked difference from what you thought possible with dog food. Also, if you don’t think we live up 100 per cent to our promise, we will come and fetch the bag and give you a complete refund. That’s dog food online – the easy way.

So why do we not make a lot more noise about our corn-free dog food or the fact that 74-88 per cent of the ingredients we use to make the best dog food include Gressingham duck, Ross & Cob chicken, Scottish salmon and other unique protein sources? Not to mention that about half of our protein sources in our dog food are fresh and totally unprocessed?The answer is that we choose our own way to design the best dog food you can get, and we believe that is what makes the difference for our customers.
It’s easy to be confused. That’s quite understandable when everyone else who sells dog food is trying to shout highest, “Look at me! My dog food is best!”
That means that we, who think differently about dog food when it comes to profit as well as online sales, need to do things differently.
And that’s precisely what we do!
ESSENTIALS dog food is served every day to more than 150,000 wonderful dogs. So, when can we drop by with your first bag of the best dog food your dog deserves?Take a look below if you are still not convinced that ESSENTIALS is the dog food you simply have to try. You can also call us at 075 0000 6358 or send an email to


ESSENTIAL FOODS was founded by Christian Degner-Elsner in 2013. His mission in life is to make a difference for dogs, wild animals and Nature. Over the years, Christian has sold high-quality dog food for more than £60 million. With almost 25 years of experience in dog foods, he is one of the most experienced and internationally acknowledged owners of a dog food company.The most important thing for ESSENTIAL FOODS and our dog food series is that our products help to improve and extend the lives of dogs. That is our main focus. Our number one interest is the difference our dog foods make for dogs. We usually say that our customers will have to make do with the fact that we give away most of our profit to stray dogs and projects to save endangered animals and Nature. No-one has complained as yet. Maybe it’s because it’s good to buy from someone where the goal is much more than simple profit.

When you buy our dog foods, for example directly online, you can be assured of receiving some of the best dog food there is. We’re not interested in doing second best or undermining the results that those who eat our dog foods are entitled to.Precisely because our goals are more than profit, you can buy our dog foods for human prices. That is our contribution to making sure as many dogs as possible can enjoy the difference we and our dog foods offer.


How can you say what’s best? Our attitude is to look partly at ingredients and the amount of the best protein sources. That’s slightly difficult so fortunately there is already a guide at that has evaluated ESSENTIALS dog foods against 933 other dog food suppliers.

You are probably not surprised to hear that we are right at the top.
You can also visit Trustpilot and interestingly, breeders are our largest professional customers, so it’s fair to say beyond all doubt that we can and do make a difference with our dog foods.


  • Test-winning dog food quality
  • Our unbelievable guarantee by which we fetch the rest of what’s in the bag and give you a COMPLETE REFUND if you are not totally happy with it.

    ESSENTIALS is a company that exists for dogs and not the other way around. Not all dog food companies think like that.

  • Low price per day while being aware you serve the very best dog food. An old saying says that what you save on dog food you spend later on at the vet.


In addition to our dog food series we would like to point to three things.1. We invented BOF – Behavioural Optimising Foods. This is about dog foods that maintain blood sugar, which means a long line of benefits. Actually, it’s not that mysterious as it has to do with making dog foods that contain ingredients that have a low glycaemic index. So, the reason why so many others do not do the same must be something other than the dog’s wellbeing.2. A service approach that is different than you may expect from dog food online or when you buy dog food elsewhere. We have a brief guide about service and purchasing dog food: What does it take in a given situation so that we can offer a unique service? Many online suppliers have forgotten to take service seriously. A unique level of service every time our customers are in contact with us is bread and butter for us. Enthusiasm is infectious!

3. Our passion for superb design. If you have held a bag of our dog food you know immediately that it is not like and doesn’t feel like anything you have seen before. Just look at the names of the various different dog foods. They are born of the thought that most dog food brands today are reminiscent of something in a hospital or talk down to customers. Why can’t dog foods be delicious and made to perfection?


Because you have now heard about us and there is no better time with our dog food guarantee of taking back the rest of the bag and giving a complete refund if you are not happy with your purchase.