Our scrumptious pâtés can be served as complete meals or heavenly toppings.

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At ESSENTIAL FOODS, your dog’s well-being is always in focus. It is our mission to make a difference and help dogs to enjoy a healthier, better life through their eating habits. We feel quite simply obligated to do so.

So, our pâtés are packed with nutrition, and our recipes have been formulated with a view to keeping the dog’s blood sugar stable. The pâtés have a high meat content, contain almost no starch and offer only natural ingredients that benefit and strengthen your dog’s health.

They can be enjoyed alone as complete meals or as heavenly toppings on a base of kibble from our original LIVING range.


High-quality pâtés such as ours make for an extremely delicious meal. If you haven’t yet seen it for yourself, just wait for your dog to take its first mouthful, and you’ll no longer be in any doubt as to what we are talking about.

In addition to the pâté’s many qualities when it comes to taste and texture, it also offers a list of nutritional benefits, thanks in no small part to its high water content. We won’t bore you with the evolutionary background of the benefits, nor list them all, but we will allow ourselves to mention just a few of them to open your eyes to the many wonders of the pâté.

  • The absorption of nutrients is superior as they come in wet form.
  • The pâté is easier to chew, glides more easily through the stomach and is also easier to break down, which, all in all, equates to gentler digestion.
  • As a natural consequence of the pâté’s high water content, it helps your dog stay hydrated, making it particularly good for those with a tendency to forget to drink enough water during the day.
  • This is a type of food that is suitable at all stages of life, including those when the mouth contains fewer or no teeth.
  • Pâté can be cooked more gently, at lower temperatures.
  • Our pâtés have a high meat content, with almost no starch, and are cooked at a lower temperature, which is why they are also more than BOF-approved with a view to keeping your dog’s blood sugar stable.


Even if your dog already seems happy and healthy, you’ll still see a big difference in your dog by switching to our pâté.

But switching from one brand to another is not something you can just do overnight. It has to be done the right way. The switch should typically be made over a 4–7-day period.

It’s important to adjust the amount of pâté so that it’s just right for your dog. It can take up to 2–3 weeks to find the right portion size. This applies whether you serve the pâté exclusively as a complete meal, or if you use it as a heavenly topping on a base of kibble in a mix of wet and dry ingredients.

You’ll know when you’ve got the feeling of satiety right when the dog’s stools have become firm. If you’re in any doubt about the best way to make a dietary change for your dog, you’re more than welcome to contact our customer service team.


In addition to wanting to be able to give our customers the very best products for the money, we also attach great importance to good service and the customer experience.

That’s why we also offer a full satisfaction guarantee. So if your dog doesn’t react positively to our pâtés, we’ll come and collect them ourselves, and you’ll get your money back. There are, however, very few dogs that don’t like our meals and pâtés, which is why we dare to put our heads on the block and guarantee that your dog is very likely to be incredibly happy with ESSENTIALS.


More than 250,000 happy dogs eat our meals and pâtés every day – that figure rising by the day. We really can’t think of a better test or greater recognition than that.

Read more about the idea behind ESSENTIAL FOODS here.