The Story

In the autumn of 2011, some 10 months after I had sold Scandinavias largest privately owned pet food company, Oliver's Petfood, I was starting to feel that I really wasn't done with the industry; rather I had needed a chance to refocus after 12 successful, yet very exhausting years.

I had to rethink a unique concept to include genuine enthusiasm, define what my own work would consist of (so that I could keep my spirits up, for longer than 12 years the next time...) and how a new business could be used as a tool to support the charitable causes that matter so much to me.

In addition, a major challenge was the question of how to invent a meal that would postively affect the quality of life through a more balanced behaviour.

Finding solutions to these challenges took the rest of 2011 and all of 2012. As time passed, more and more people who shared my thoughts and visions contributed to the birth of ESSENTIAL FOODS.

In all modesty, as I write these words, I think we have succeeded.

Our wonderful customers, partners and friends, now write the ESSENTIALS story each and every day.

Sincere greetings

Christian Degner-Elsner


Not just dog food

We don't produce dog food; we produce meals. Meals packed with nutrition which keep a stable blood sugar level and which only contain ingredients that benefit and strengthen your best friend's health. Nutrition is essential for the dog's overall wellbeing.

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