The Charity Program

ESSENTIAL FOODS is about much more than profit -although we take great pride in running a successful business. ESSENTIAL FOODS is our founder's vision of a company that can and will make a difference. For dogs and other living beings and their habitat.
In other words we are a purpose driven company, working every day to change the world to being a better place for animals and the nature. 

The heart of our charitable activity lies within the ESSENTIAL Charity Program. This expands every year. Our publicly annonced goal is 100.000GBP yearly (1.000.000DKK).

Charity from ESSENTIAL FOODS in 2019:

Charity Contribution GBP/year Why?
112 carlotagalgos Food 13.500 £ Fantastic shelter for abused dogs in Malaga Spanien
Amboseli Trust for Elephants Cash 2.000 £ Makes an huge effort to protect elephants in Kenya
Angels 4 Animals Food 1.500 £ Fabulous project in Rumania for souls with snouts
DFA (Danish Friends of Animals) Food 3.000 £ Does a fantastic job for dogs & cats in exposed area
Dogs of Portugal Cash & Food 3.000 £ Helps Homeless dogs in Portugal
Vets without borders Cash 1.200 £ Helps challenged animals in exposed areas worldwide
Dyreværnet Rødovre Cash 3.000 £ A lot of people in Denmark know about "Dyreværnet" and their indomitable efforts - of course we support them
Aniaml Sheler Jutland Cash 3.000 £ Animal shelter in Jutland.
Elephant Santuaries Cash 1.200 £ This amazing creature get love & care at 3 santuaries after a life of human abuse.
Rescue dogs in Greece Cash & Food 4.000 £ Has for many years made the whole difference for many dogs and cats in Greece
Emergency Fund Food 3.000 £ We are ready with food & supplies for dogs in emergencies
International Anti-Poaching Foundation Cash 15.000 £ We have 46dedicated rangers on our payroll fightings against the poachers of the rhinos
KAT Center Nepal Cash 1.200 £ Financial back-up to Jan Salters' formidable work for dogs in Nepal
Mariannes Food Bank Food 2.500 £ Direct help for street dogs
ORPAK Serbia Food 3.000 £ A shelter making a real difference
Friends of Hedgehogs Cash 1.200 £ Who does not love these little charmer? They live a dangerous life however - we support the work for their aid
Orangutan Land Trust Cash 2.000 £ Lone Dröscher's amazing work for these unique creatures
Sea Shepherds Cash 1.200 £ Right behind you Captain!
SOI Dogs Foundation Cash 1.200 £ A helping hand for dogs that can use all the help they can get
The Ocean Clean Up Cash 1.200 £ A future with more plastic than fish in our sea? TOCP works to end this senario and we support
WildAid Cash 2.000 £ Unifying factor in the fight for protection of endangered species
WildLife SOS India Cash 2.000 £ Do you remember the elephant who was released after 30 years in captivity? These are the heroes!
WWF Cash 3.000 £ Global network for a better world for all living souls
NonHuman Rights Project Cash 1.200 £ Steven M. Wise have a mission to give animal better legal rights - We are right behind him!
Terreriet Food 500 £ Conservation work for reptiles
Contribution for 2019 73.900,00 £

In addition there's "the legacy". The founder of ESSENTIAL FOODS have chosen to bequeath half of his inheritance to 13 selected organisations, all working for the above goals. Among the selected organisations are: WWF, Greek Dogs Foundation, RSCPA, SOI Dog Foundation,, Sea Shepherd, WILD AID & Rain Forrest Alliance.