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“Changed our life”

Picky Eater · Weight · Wellbeing

“The first two years of my dog's life have been a constant struggle to get him interested in any food. Completely disinterested, always visible ribs and the worst poos. We tried everything. Posh, cheap, wet, dry, raw, home cooked. The vet was at a loss as he was healthy despite it all. The fussiest dog ever. So much money, food and time wasted. Made the switch to you two months ago and we will never go back. He eats every last bite, has put on the perfect amount of weight and it’s just such a relief. Thank you. Honestly, has changed our life and removed a huge pile of worry.”

– ALICE (Trustpilot)

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Recommended by Breeder · Shiny Coat · Training treats

“We were recommended this by the breeder we bought our Labrador Retriever puppy from. We are currently on the large breed the beginning and he loves it! His coat is soooo shiny, he wolfs it down, and is always so excited for meal times. He is only 14 weeks old so we wanted to be extra careful with what we fed him, and essentials fits the bill. We have ordered one more of the beginning large breed bags and 3 of the big adult bags for when he’s older, so impressed! We also have been giving him the mini duck, salmon and lamb treats for training and he loves them as well. Very happy customer and will continue to use!”

– Isabel S (Trustpilot)

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“I am delighted we made the switch”

Meets all needs · Shiny Coat · Meal Variation

“I am delighted we made the switch to Essentials last year. It suited our very elderly Labrador who was enjoying his twilight years, and also suits our 3 year old “machine” of a Labrador who has very high energy and is a working pet. She has tried Highland Living, Nautical Living, Estate Living and more recently we have ordered the Stamina variants to help her through the shooting season. She is able to switch between variants without any tummy upsets and devours each with the same enjoyment as the others. Her coat is shiny, she is very well muscled and her poo is very pickupable. Highly recommend this food and the service is great, with fast, free delivery.”

– Stephanie H (Trustpilot)

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“Another 5 weeks of Essential Contour”

Weight loss

“Another 5 weeks of Essential Contour and my dog has lost another 2kg - yay. She looks great and you can see she has put muscle on her legs. She was an obviously 'fat' dog when we got her from the shelter but she just looks a bit 'chunky'. The excess weight made her look older as well and she looks like a different dog now. She has lost 3.1kg so far, another 4kg to go.”

– Joann C (Trustpilot)


“Happy pup, happy tum, happy mum”

Picky Eater · Nutritional Value

“Our fussy pup wouldn't eat his old kibble without a tasty mix in of some kind and his belly was easily upset despite it being fairly high quality food.
I researched dog food brands and Essential really took my interest as the nutritional value is up there with the most expensive brands but the daily cost wouldn't break the bank as the recommended daily amount was so much smaller.
Took a risk ordering the large breed puppy food and some treats. Both have gone down so well with the fussy eater! Bonus: he farts much less, poops are much smaller and always solid.
We will be sticking to this!”

– Liene (Trustpilot)


“Great for healthy puppies og and beyond”

Nutrition · Wellbeing

“I was told that the puppy food we were feeding our Doberman was only from chicken derivatives and not from actual meat and was horrified. I was on a mission to find something good for her and after many searches and comparisons I came across Essentials and it shone out as one of the best. I am not sorry, we thought our puppy looked great but after being on the large breed puppy she shines with health and she absolutely loves it too. Would recommend to anyone who wants something fantastic for their best friend.”

– Wendy (Trustpilot)


Not just dog food

We don't produce dog food; we produce meals. Meals packed with nutrition which keep a stable blood sugar level and which only contain ingredients that benefit and strengthen your best friend's health. Nutrition is essential for the dog's overall wellbeing.

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