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Meals for dogs – much more than dog food

ESSENTIAL FOODS cares about your dog’s wellbeing. Over the years we have accumulated unique knowledge and experience of what a dog needs in its diet to live a healthy and enjoyable life. Our mission is a commitment to make a difference by helping dogs achieve a healthier and fuller life based on their eating habits.

This is why we do not make dog food. We make meals instead. Our meals are full of nutrition that stabilises blood sugar, and they contain only ingredients that benefit and fortify the health of your best friend. Nutrition is simply the key to your dog’s general wellbeing.

Every single gram is carefully selected

Our meals leave nothing to chance. Each gram of an ESSENTIALS meal is carefully selected and contains only ingredients that meet our highest quality standards.

You are what you eat” is a turn of phrase that is as important for dogs as it is for us humans. This is why we talk about meals, not dog food; simply because our meals are more than just food. They fortify your dog’s health and contribute to a longer and enjoyable life.

Our meals reflect your dog’s natural eating habits

Our commitment to meals that are best for your dog’s wellbeing is based on a principle developed by us. We call it the BOF principle, and we believe that it should always apply to every meal for dogs. BOF stands for “Behavioural Optimising Foods”. Basically, it means that a meal should reflect the dog’s natural diet and eating habits, while helping to stabilise blood sugar.

We believe that the health of your dog will benefit from a long line of positive advantages by deriving a large part of its proteins from fresh and unprocessed meat.