Why choose wet food for my dog?

Wet food, or pâté as we call it, has many benefits. And we’d like to help you make the right choice for your family here.

Explore our selection of delicious pâtés with juicy pieces of meat for dogs.


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Here is a brief introduction to the wonders of pâté

The absorption of nutrients is superior as they come in wet form.
Nutritional variety is both a healthy and exciting experience for your dog, and as wet food makes an extremely delicious topping and comes in many flavours, it’s an easy way to create variety.
As a natural consequence of the pâté’s high water content, it helps your dog stay hydrated, making it particularly good for those with a tendency to forget to drink enough water during the day.
The pâté is easier to chew, glides more easily through the stomach and is also easier to break down, which, all in all, equates to gentler digestion. In other words, this is a type of food that is suitable at all stages of life, including those when the mouth contains fewer or no teeth.
Pâté can be cooked gently at low temperatures, which helps to seal in the nutrients, aroma and flavours.
Our pâtés have a high meat content, with almost no starch, and are cooked at a lower temperature, which is why they are also more than BOF-approved with a view to keeping your dog’s blood sugar stable.





Our customers say


Why serve dry food and wet food together?

Nutritional variety

Our pâtés can be enjoyed alone as complete meals or as heavenly toppings on a base of kibble. By feeding your dog a combination of pâté (wet food) and kibble (dry food) at mealtimes, you are also offering it a wider range of nutrients and taste sensations, helping to stimulate its appetite in the process. We should also mention here that all our meals have been formulated for easy switchability, without any need to transition, because nutritional variety is both a healthy and exciting experience for your dog.

An easy way to increase your dog’s water intake

Pâtés contain more water than kibble, so if it’s difficult to get your dog to drink enough water during the day, this is a simple and convenient way to keep it hydrated.

Dental and oral hygiene

Kibble is inherently harder and requires more chewing, which can help improve dental and oral hygiene. Pâté is easier to eat and chew – even with whole pieces of meat – and the combination of wet and dry can therefore help maintain good oral hygiene.

The most important reason: Pampering

Some people like to use pâtés as a treat or tempting topping. This flexibility allows you to vary the servings according to your dog’s preferences and nutritional needs.


The eight delicious flavours in the range

Frequently Asked Questions

How much wet food should my dog have?

It varies according to the type of wet food you serve, what kind of dog you have and your lifestyle. We have serving guidelines printed on all our cans, and you’ll also find them on our website under each product. However, it’s important to remember that they are only guidelines. Always observe and adjust the amount served in relation to your dog’s level of activity and life stage, ensuring that its stools are firm and that you’ve got the feeling of satiety right.

How should I store the pâté after opening the can?

Before opening, store the can in a cool, dry place. After opening, the can should be stored in the fridge and the entire contents should be served within 3 days. We include a lid when you buy a pack of six. This helps maintain the flavour and juiciness of the pâté from opening to the last serving.

What is the shelf life of an unopened can?

The shelf life is 24 months from the date of production. The specific date is found on the bottom of the can.

How much should I feed my dog when mixing dry food with pâté?

There are several options, all according to your preferences. It can be served 50/50: Half a portion of the recommended daily amount of dry food and half a portion of the daily amount of pâté. You can serve ⅔ dry food and ⅓ pâté, adjust up or down as required. And last but not least, purely in the name of indulgence, you can serve a small amount of pâté as a topping.


Why serve pâté?

High-quality pâtés such as ours make for an extremely delicious meal. If you haven’t seen it for yourself, just wait for your dog to take its first mouthful, and you’ll no longer be in any doubt as to what we are talking about. In addition to the pâté’s many qualities when it comes to taste and texture, it also offers a list of nutritional benefits, thanks especially to its high water content. We won’t bore you with the evolutionary background of the benefits, but we will allow ourselves to mention six of them at the top of this page. Curious? Remember that you can start small and serve the pâté as a topping on a base of the kibble that you usually serve.



A magnificent PÂTÉ range, Essentials style

ESSENTIAL FOODS PÂTÉ the range offers eight flavour options. There are the seven flavours that you know from our original LIVING range, covering all needs, life stages and taste preferences. We have, in addition, launched a new flavour: KINGDOM LIVING. It has the flavourful ingredients of wild boar and pork, and is only available as a pâté.